Primary 1 – 6 FUNtastic Chinese /
Higher Chinese Mastership™

FUNtastic Chinese/ Higher Chinese Mastership™ Programme aims to help our students master Chinese Language and excel in examinations. FUNtastic Chinese Mastership™ follows closely with MOE syllabus, giving your child the unfair advantage of learning Chinese effectively, using FUNtastic Learning Approach.

Your child will learn the 4 essential language skills, namely, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

The programme aims to stretch Higher Progressive students to achieve next-higher language competency and at the same time providing students with a slower learning curve with the additional learning support.

Our structured curriculum which caters to students’ different learning needs and styles will guide them to learn Chinese effectively and progressively.

Guided by our school’s Mission and Vision, we provide an education experience that is FUN and FANTASTIC, making learning in every lessons active, not passive.

Course includes:

  • Text analysis and appreciation
  • Vocabulary
  • From sentence constructions to writing structured essays
  • Highly-effective reading strategies
  • Reading Comprehension answering techniques
  • Listening skills
  • Oral: Expressive Reading Aloud, Video-based conversation (MOE latest exam format)
  • Composition (Picture Composition, Titled Composition, Situational Writing)


学而高华/ 普华精英课程旨在帮助孩子高效掌握好华文并在考场得意。配合新加坡教育部最新课程标准,学而高华/ 普华精英让孩子在学习华文的道路上占优势,让学习如鱼得水。学生在此课程将通过学而教育开发的系统化教学,循序渐进地学习4项语文技能,即,听、说、读、写。





  • 课文理解与赏析
  • 词语解释
  • 遣词造句、布局谋篇
  • 高效阅读技巧
  • 阅读理解答题技巧
  • 聆听技能
  • 口试:朗读、看录像会话(最新题型)
  • 作文(看图作文、命题作文、情境作文、完成文章)
Age: 7-12 Years Old
Activities: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Course Type: Standard Chinese, Higher Chinese