Secondary 1 – 4 FUNtastic Chinese /
Higher Chinese Mastership™

About this Course

FUNtastic Secondary Chinese/ Higher Chinese Mastership™ Programme aims to help our secondary students work towards the mastery of Chinese Language and excel in examinations.FUNtastic Chinese Mastership follows closely with MOE syllabus, i.e Higher Chinese, Express Chinese, N(A), NT, giving your child the unfair advantage of learning Chinese effectively, using FUNtastic Learning Approach.

Your child will learn the 4 essential language skills, namely, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In addition, secondary students will be given ample opportunities to express their opinion on current affair topics, both locally and internationally.

The programme aims to stretch Higher Progressive students to achieve next-higher language competency and at the same time providing students with a slower learning curve with the additional learning support.

Our structured curriculum which caters to students’ different learning needs and styles will guide them to learn Chinese effectively and progressively.

We develop students’ critical thinking skills through classroom discussions, debates and critical writing.

Course includes:

    • Text analysis and appreciation
    • Listening Skills: Receiving and interpreting messages accurately in the communication process.
    • Oral Skills: Expressive Reading Aloud and Video-based conversation, engaging in effective and meaningful conversation, able to draw parallel to their daily lives (MOE latest exam format)
    • Reading Comprehension: 6 cognitive levels of Comprehension (Lifting, Explanation, Restructuring, Inferential, Judgemental and Creativity), reading strategies, such as skimming, scanning, extensive reading, intensive reading.
    • Writing: Formal and Informal email writing, brainstorming creative ideas, crafting effective writing plans, various genre of essay-writing, such as narrative composition, expository composition and argumentative composition.
    • Guided newspaper reading session to keep an update of world’s happening and be informed of current affairs.


    中一至中四/ 中五 高华/ 普华精英课程









    • 课文理解与赏析
    • 听力技能:有效接收与分析信息
    • 口语技能:有感情朗读、看录像会话,联系生活经验展开有效与有意思的对话。(教育部最新体型)
    • 阅读技能:阅读理解的6个层次题型(复述、阐释、重组、引申、判断、创意)。阅读策略:扫读、略读、细读、寻读、精读)
    • 写作技能:私人电邮与公务电邮、脑力激荡创意点子、拟定写作大纲、掌握不同写作体裁,如:记叙文、说明文、议论文等。
    • 报章新闻导读,让学生掌握最新时事新闻,透视天下事。
Age: 13-16 Years Old
Activities: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Course Type: N(A), Express Chinese and Higher Chinese