FUNflip Learning Cards

Introducing the breakthrough Chinese Characters recognition system, in collaboration with FUNflip Learning Cards. Systematic approach to boost learning 20 times faster!

In line with CPCLL’s Chinese Characters recognition initiatives, our team of teachers have meticulously designed FUNflip Learning Cards FLC, which are aligned with MOE’s latest syllabus, to enhance Chinese Characters Recognition amongst our students.
Unlike conventional flashcards which are usually not local context, FLC is specifically crafted for local students, spanning from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. 
Chinese Characters recognition is core to Chinese language learning, which many students dread due to the lack of systematic learning pedagogical approach. 
Studies have shown that the teaching and learning of Chinese Characters have to follow closely with a child’s cognitive and psychological development, so that one can relate the radicals and their connotations to make Chinese Characters Recognition fun, meaningful and effective.
According to German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve, an average learner forgets 70% of what they learned within 24 hours if they don’t revisit. Hence, FLC aims to help our students retain what they’ve learnt, systematically, and more effectively. 
FLC consists of HYPY, English translation, word collocation, sentence constructions, illustrations etc, FLC’s language Powerbank focuses on specific language skill in each chapter, the bite-sized approach makes learning of Chinese Characters more comprehensible. 
We strongly hope parents can encourage your child to pick up a set of FUNflip learning Cards to boost their learning confidence and mastery of Chinese Characters, “Flip While You Learn, learn While you Flip”. 

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